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Our activities are focused on understanding the process of biological ageing, its role in cardio-metabolic diseases, identification of gut microbiome and other potentially modifiable risk factors of CMD, and understanding the gender difference between cardio-metabolic diseases.

 The IN-CONTROL II consortium aims to identify new intestinal gut microbiota and plasma markers involved in cardio-metabolism, that can be further validated as diagnostics or therapeutic leads. In addition, the role of innate immune memory (trained immunity) in the development cardiometabolic disease is explored. Moreover, we will test if lifestyle (diet) changes can affect these aberrant markers of cardio-metabolism.

On this website you will find information about our IN-CONTROL-II project. This study is part of a national research consortium sponsored by the Dutch Heart Foundation. Participating centers are: UMC Groningen, Radboud UMC and Amsterdam UMC, in collaboration with Leiden UMC, Wageningen University and Maastricht University.

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