Max Nieuwdorp has written a book “We are our hormones”
Added on 10 oktober 2022

Why do we react so violently to an exciting situation? Why do men and women become more similar as they get older? And why do older people need more salty food?


Our hormones play a big role in many everyday things – from the moment we are conceived to the second we take our last breath. For example, they regulate our development during puberty, ensure a successful pregnancy and guide the aging process. Scientific knowledge about the way hormones performs their function in our body has increased enormously over the past seventy years.

At the same time, many insights have been neglected, such as the major influence of our gut bacteria on our hormone balance, the developments that the female body goes through during the menopause and the decrease in male hormones during andropause.


Max Nieuwdorp was inspired by the daily contact with his patients in this fascinating book. The power of our hormones in all areas and in all phases of life is described in an accessible and comprehensive manner.


Unfortunately, the book is only available in Dutch.