WP2 (collaboration with WP1/WP4)


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Invited lectures

Invited lecture at Genome Biology, Queenstown Research week, Queenstown, New Zealand: Our genomes: the interaction of genome and metagenome paves the way towards personalized medicine.

Invited lecture at Symposium on Human Microbiome Interactions, Auckland, New Zealand: Microbial impact on circulating levels of proteins and metabolites is linked to host health

Invited lecture at European Society of Human Genetics, Copenhagen, Denmark: Genetics of gut microbiota.

Invited lecture at the spring meeting of Dutch Royal Society of Medical Microbiology: Human microbiome and understanding its role in relation to human diseases and aging.

Invited lecture at 21e Nederlands-Vlaams Doelencongres Infertiliteit, Gynaecologie en Obstetrie

Invited lecture at Finnish Gut day, Helsinki, Finland: Gut microbiota analysis of large cohorts.

Invited lecture in Estonian Biobank, Tartu, Estonia: Analysis of gut microbiome and its role in health and disease.

Invited lecture at the 26th Annual Biocity Symposium, Turku, Finland:  The gut microbiome: a vital hub integrating host genetics, immune function and environment

Invited lecture “Genetics of autoimmune diseases, present knowledge and future perspecties”, at Landelijk Multidisciplineer overleg systeemziekten, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Drugs and disturbance of microbiota, presentation at workshop “Public Health Relevance of Drug – Nutrient Interactions, Groningen, The Netherlands


Presentations at international meetings

Presentation at the BBMRI meeting, Utrecht, the Netherlands: Big data and microbiome

Presentation at the Keystone meeting Microbiome in Health and Disease, Colorado, USA: The interaction of genetics and food intake influences gut microbiome

Presentation at Mind, Mood and Microbes meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Food, mood, drugs, and their relation with the gut microbiome

Presentation at Hi-Europe meeting, Frankfurt, Germany: Exploring the connection between diet and gut microbiome in the Dutch population

Presentation at UMCG-wide microbiome symposium, Groningen, The Netherlands: Population-based metagenomics analysis reveals markers for gut microbiome composition and diversity.

Presentation at International meeting “Systems Biology of Innate Immunity”, Nijmegen, The Netherlands: CVON project.

Presentation at Dutch Society of Gastroenterology, Veldhoven, The Netherlands: Metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiota at a population scale