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In the last decade, the Maastricht research group has been successfully focusing on providing novel insight in the mechanisms triggering inflammation in metabolic syndrome-associated disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). The central goal of the research group is to establish translational platforms to investigate and apply initial in vitro and in vivo findings in a clinical setting. Consequently, experiments performed within the research group span from cellular and animal studies to human studies. This approach has led to multiple publications in high-impact journals (Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Hepatology) and to numerous patent applications, indicating the market potential of their scientific observations.

The Maastricht group has been involved in the IN-CONTROL consortium since its start in 2013. Together with the research group of Groningen, their goal was to provide novel mechanistic insight into the mechanisms by which the gut microbiota influence inflammation in atherosclerosis and metabolic-associated disorders such as NASH.

WP4 (in collaboration with WP2/WP5)


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Sept. 2016
Poster presentation at Summer Frontiers 2016 – Systems Biology of Innate Immunity (Nijmegen, the Netherlands); ‘Cathepsin D as a novel therapeutic target to combat NASH’

Oct. 2016
Oral presentation at Dutch Liver Retreat 2016 (Spier, the Netherlands); ‘The lysosomal enzyme cathepsin D as a therapeutic target for NASH’. Awarded Best Oral presentation.

Nov. 2016
Oral presentation (Maastricht, the Netherlands); ‘Het ontsnappen van cathepsine D: opsporing en behandeling van atherosclerose’

Dec. 2016
Poster presentation at Annual Nutrim Symposium (Maastricht, the Netherlands); ‘Cathepsin D regulates lipid metabolism in murine steatohepatitis’

Jan. 2017
Oral presentation at the NUTRIM Research Line 2 lunch meeting (Maastricht, the Netherlands); ‘The lysosomal enzyme cathepsin D as marker and therapeutic target for NASH’

Jan. 2017
Invited oral presentation at the UCD DCRC Complications of diabetes and obesity symposium (Dublin, Ireland); ‘OxLDL is taking the lead in NASH’

Mar. 2017
Oral presentation at the Digestive Disease Days (Veldhoven, the Netherlands); ‘The lysosomal enzyme cathepsin D as a therapeutic target for NASH’

Mar. 2017
Regulation and dysregulation of metabolic homeostasis by the liver (Maastricht, the Netherlands)

April 2017
Poster Presentation at the 85th EAS Conference, Prague, Czech Republic. Best poster Award.

May 2017
Oral presentation (Maastricht, the Netherlands); Leakage of lysosomal enzymes: non-invasive tools for early diagnosis of NASH

Sept 2017
Oral Presentation at the 40th ELC Meeting, Tutzing, Germany; A pro-inflammatory role of the gut microbiome in the progression of atherosclerosis.


Method for treating nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (Patent number 329 EPP0; date of filing: 23.02.2016) (Ronit Shiri-Sverdlov and Tom Houben were awarded as inventors at the Brightlands Science forum)